TherraWood Siding can enhance any commercial and residential project regardless of the property or the location, by adding architectural charm to the exterior of the building without jeopardising the highly durable nature of the material. 

Here, we discuss the reasons to consider the TherraWood Siding product for your next project.

It looks great

The natural timber effect of our TherraWood composite ensures an elegant look and feel to the product. TherraWood siding panels are designed to replicate the authenticity of natural wood without sacrificing any of the robust features that make us the product of choice for professionals.

TherraWood Siding is available in a wide range of colours for both inside and outside corners including browns, greens, grey and white. These colours can be combined as you see fit and our team are on hand to help guide your project forward in this regard.

apartment cladded with therrawood

Protective qualities

TherraWood’s weather-proof qualities are rigorously tested against the United Kingdom climate and, as a result, we are proud to guarantee that all of our products will stand the test of time.

TherraWood is coated with a protective resin that provides a waterproof feature for the material. This drastically lowers the chances of rotting and algae build up. The resin also acts as a block against UV rays ensuring the structural integrity of the siding is maintained. This feature also maintains the colouring of the siding and increases the long term durability of TherraWood products, there is no longer a need to re paint, stain or seal your properties.

Environmentally responsible

The unique blend of wood polymer composite uses ethically sourced wood fibres. Using environmentally sound wood fibres from sustainable sources helps to preserve our world’s natural woodlands, forests and jungles by using only what can be replaced. That’s why fast-growing woods like bamboo are frequently the material of choice.

As TherraWood possesses a very long lifespan, you will not have to pay for additional products or materials that put a strain on the environment to source. Further, if the time does eventually come and your build has reached the end of its life, TherraWood is designed to be 100% recyclable meaning it can be put to a new use as part of another project elsewhere.

Learn more about our environmental responsibility here.

Fast and practical installation

With so much going on around a building site, and so much demanding your attention, the ease of installation that comes with TherraWood Siding can be a blessing. 

TherraWood products are quick and easy to install, taking substantially less time to put together than a real wood profile would do. Stainless steel fasteners are used to completely hide the construction of the siding, you’re left only with the natural wood look and feel.

This also means that the siding can be easily taken down for re-positioning, removal or recycling purposes.

TherraWood UK are the UK’s sole distributors of TherraWood branded WPC products, including decking, siding, fencing, railings, pergolas, and prefabricated buildings. Made from a unique blend of wood fibre, additives and PVC, the TherraWood material is a stylish and authentic looking option, that offers a high quality, durable, low-maintenance solution.

Want to find out more about TherraWood UK and the products on offer? Get in touch with our friendly team now to discuss your requirements.