From decking and fencing to cladding and pergolas, at TherraWood UK we can offer the WPC materials to match the brief on a commercial scale.

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TherraWood® Deck

Our decking is made from our unique TherraWood® material, meaning that as well as being a beautiful, stylish installation, it will also be heavily durable and long-lasting.

Standard wooden decking comes with a lot of issues. The colour can fade in sunlight, altering the appearance of your deck, while the natural deterioration and warping of the wood means screw heads can pop up over time, and maintenance and extra costs are required to maintain the original style. Natural wood can also splinter quite easily, and can often be a bit of a slip hazard when used in decking.

TherraWood® eliminates all of those problems, with our material offering a long-lasting solution. It’ll look just as vibrant as it did on the first day of installation, and is much more durable than wood, meaning there’s a lot less chance of damage from heavy impact and decking furniture.

The unique TherraWood® decking design incorporates hidden fasteners for a clean profile, efficient drainage, and space for any electrical wires to be hidden discreetly inside the decking.

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TherraWood® Siding

TherraWood® Siding provides a long-lasting solution to enhancing the exterior of any building, suitable for both residential and commercial. Our composite siding has been specifically designed to emulate the natural timber effect of wood, but without the maintenance hassles that come with traditional siding.

Created using TherraWood® branded WPC material, our rot-proof siding is a more durable and long-lasting alternative to timber, providing a protective layer against all weather conditions. Its unique properties protect it against UV rays and insect damage, some of the most common factors known to be the reason of wear and tear on traditional timber siding.

With easy installation and cost effective maintenance, TherraWood® siding is quickly becoming the go-to choice for architects who recognise its many benefits to the end consumer. The product comes in a fantastic selection of colours with two differently textured sides, providing complete freedom of design on your building improvement project.

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apartment cladded with therrawood

TherraWood® Fence

TherraWood® Fence combines style and security to transform the outdoor environment surrounding any residential or commercial building. While fencing is typically installed on a privacy basis, it is often overlooked that it can add a real sense of style and value to a property as a finishing touch.

Traditional wood fencing usually shows signs of wear and tear over time, and this quick deterioration can detract from the stunning design of the building it encases. However, TherraWood® Fence offers all of the benefits of our hard-wearing WPC material, so that defects or deterioration never need to be a cause for concern.

Our durable, long-lasting fencing is rot-proof and resistant to damages from UV rays, ensuring it retains its high quality finish for years to come. With a broad range of profile colours available, TherraWood® Fence provides the opportunity to make a statement with your latest building project.

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fence unit made from therrawood

TherraWood® Pergola

Another beautifully designed TherraWood® structure is the pergola, a type of shade area available with a choice of open, semi-open and closed designs for shelter. The pergola is a rather versatile option too, with it available to be installed attached to a wall or building, but also to be built as a freestanding structure, to make a great centrepiece in a garden.

As with all products in our range, our pergolas are made with TherraWood® material, meaning the structure will remain strong and sturdy, with the pristine look it had from day one remaining for many years to come.

TherraWood® is a durable material, and unlike real wood products, doesn’t fade or warp over time. With a standard wood pergola, you’ll find yourself spending money and time on maintenance such as UV protection and varnishing – the TherraWood® pergola is much more low-maintenance. All you’ll need to do is clean it with a simple power washer every now and then to remove any stains, and it’ll look as good as new.

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pergola made from therrawood

TherraWood® Railing

TherraWood® Railing gives a sturdy-yet-stylish finishing touch to any commercial project that has utilised WPC decking. Without perimeter railing these projects can look unfinished. Although railings are typically installed towards the end of a project, they are one of the more striking features of an outdoor space and can elevate a decent project to a fantastic one.

Vinyl and aluminium railings have been the go-to options in the industry for some time, but vinyl can look cheap while aluminium oxidises over time. There are composite options on the market, but we have found that they often need inserts for strengthening purposes…

…that’s why all of our railing systems are made with our state-of-the-art Hybrid system. With a strong aluminum core and a durable, natural-looking composite outer layer you can rest assured that you are making an investment in a long-term building material.

The aesthetic impact of pairing TherraWood® Decking with TherraWood® Railing cannot be underestimated. They combine stunningly to create an eye-catching commercial solution for pool builds, apartment block balconies and small bridges to name but a few.

As with other TherraWood® products, all installation is completed using hidden fasteners made of stainless steel. Products are designed with electrical integration in mind and as such, electric wires can be hidden inside the material to create a neat, highly-functional balustrade.

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railing made from therrawood

TherraWood® Prefabricated Homes

TherraWood® Prefabricated Homes create forward-thinking solutions to utilise garden space, with fast installation, low cost and light-weight construction consistently considered.

Prefabricated homes, commonly referred to as prefabs, are specialist dwelling types that are purpose built in advance before being shipped, and assembled. The advantage of this is, of course, the convenience of being able to put together a fully functioning building without the stress of sourcing all of the relevant materials to make the project work.

TherraWood® insulated wall systems contain polyurethane and this provides a high level of thermal insulation, whilst reducing linear thermal expansion rates to a minimum. Added to that, the material profile is architecturally attractive with a finished surface on both the exterior and interior sides. Drywalling and paneling a prefab is a thing of the past.

We try to be as limitless with our prefab offerings as possible, and our team would be happy to work with you to determine what sort of shape and function your ideal building would take. From there, we assist with the delivery, site setup, construction and installation of the prefab as well as all necessary final checks.

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prefabricated home therrawood

TherraWood® Hybrid & Custom Solutions

TherraWood® Hybrid technology combines the desired aesthetics of wood with the sturdiness of aluminium and the resistance of plastic.

An aluminium core is fused with a composite exterior in what is a revolutionary manufacturing process for the WPC industry. Our Hybrid technology is used to create all of our railing profiles and is also available as part of pergola structures for added durability.

The beauty of Hybrid is that it can be purpose-manufactured for specific project parameters, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom solutions. We recognised the need for a flexible material, but one that doesn’t jeopardise the key features of TherraWood® in favour of applicability. With Hybrid, nothing is compromised.

Hybrid technology has already been applied to a variety of projects across Europe including bridge railings, apartment balconies and cladding.

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