TherraWood have launched a new range of Hybrid railing systems, in stock now.

Among our range of products, including decking, siding, fencing, and pergolas, we stock a selection of attractive and effective railings, now available using TherraWood’s unique Hybrid profile.

What is TherraWood Hybrid?

TherraWood’s products are typically made with our popular wood polymer composite (WPC), uniquely mixing PVC, wood fibres and additives to create products that offer the authentic look and feel of genuine wood, but in a much more low-maintenance, durable form.

TherraWood Hybrid is our latest creation, and is an innovative and effective product. Hybrid packs the strength of aluminium, and combines it with the beauty of real wood. It’s built with an aluminum core which is wrapped in a high quality composite exterior, giving off an authentic timber effect.

TherraWood Hybrid Balustrade Railing

TherraWood Hybrid is already used to create pergolas here in the UK, and is now extending to railings.

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TherraWood Hybrid Railing Systems

TherraWood already stock a range of great looking railing systems, made out of our traditional WPC. However, we now create railing products using the Hybrid profile. As well as offering an unmatched durability, and a visually appealing exterior, these new railings have a Class B fire rating and are available in a range of attractive colours.

Therrawood Hybrid Railing with Stainless Steel Cable

As with all of our railings, the Hybrid systems can be installed in several bespoke ways. Balustrade fencing is one of our most popular options, and the baluster style is available as a Hybrid option. Our Hybrid railings can also be installed with stainless steel cable, or added glass panels, creating beautiful borders for outdoor areas, and adding a touch of class to gardens.

Not only does the Hybrid railing system look great, but it’s a low-maintenance, cost-effective option. Highly durable and weatherproof, it has a considerably longer lifespan than real wood. It also doesn’t need costly chemicals such as UV protection and varnish like genuine wood products do.

TherraWood Hybrid railing with glass panelling

For more information about our new Hybrid railing systems, get in touch with our office team, who can also discuss our opening offers with you. Not just sturdy and reliable, but also a visually stunning addition to your outdoor spaces, our Hybrid railing systems are modern, architecturally complementing products.

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