TherraWood produces and stocks a wide range of high quality, real wood look products, great for adding to any outdoor space or garden, either as a centrepiece or flourish.

Whether you want a buildings external to look great with weatherproof cladding, or want to make an impact with belasturde fencing or a pergola, TherraWood has the materials to ensure a durable, long lasting and low maintenance installation.

One of our products in particular has many benefits, and is a stunning solution for any outdoor space. Here’s everything you need to know about TherraWood decking

TherraWood Wood Polymer Composite

What is TherraWood decking made of?

Like all TherraWood products, our decking is made from the unique TherraWood wood polymer composite (WPC). This WPC is created using an effective blend of PVC, wood fibre and additives, all sustainably sourced to ensure our planet’s natural forests are preserved.

What are the benefits of TherraWood decking?

By using TherraWood for your decking installation, you’re guaranteed to enjoy many benefits.

TherraWood decking is a strong, safe option, offering a completely slip and splinter free solution.

When compared to a genuine wood product, TherraWood decking can help you save a lot of time and effort. Wood decking can often fade and discolour in the sun, leaving you with a less attractive end product. The weather can also make decking splinter and split, with screw heads often popping out as the wood adjusts over time.

In comparison, TherraWood decking is very highly durable, not succumbing to damage or ill effects from impact and weather. The only maintenance you’ll ever need to do is clean it! We recommend a standard power washer for this, and you’ll save plenty of money with no expensive or harmful chemicals such as varnishes or UV protection required.

pool decking therrawood

What is TherraWood Hybrid decking?

This type of decking is made from TherraWood’s latest innovation – TherraWood Hybrid. This is a unique material that combines the strongest properties of three materials – aluminium, timber and polymer. Specifically, TherraWood Hybrid is made from aluminium, which is then securely wrapped in an aesthetic timber outer layer, with a genuine wood look and feel.

The aluminium core provides an even stronger material, while the external layer leaves you with that same great looking, genuine wood style.

What styles are available?

It’s not one style for all, don’t worry. Every piece of TherraWood decking is incredibly stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but you’ll be able to choose from a range of eye catching colours and styles to help you get the perfect solution for your space.

From classy, darker styles such as hazelnut brown, anthracite, and tropical brown, to brighter, more vibrant styles like olive green, almond beige, ivory white and stone grey, there’s plenty to choose from.

TherraWood UK are the sole distributors of TherraWood branded WPC products in the UK, including TherraWood’s range of high quality decking.

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