Since the formation of TherraWood in Turkey in 2008, the brand has grown to be a global success, with the range of products on offer equally growing to a new level.

TherraWood is made from a mix of materials that create a strong and durable WPC (wood polymer composite); specifically, PVC, wood fibres and additives are blended together to create products that have the look and feel of genuine wood, but are much more reliable with longer lifespans.

What products are available using TherraWood WPC?

TherraWood is used to create a range of effective outdoor solutions, that either complement a space’s design, or fit in as a centrepiece.

TherraWood fencing and railing is used for neatly bordering garden space with style, while it’s also used for larger applications such as in the construction of prefabricated homes, or as fire rated cladding.

For something more eye-catching, a TherraWood pergola can free-stand in the centre of an outdoor space, or be installed attached to a building as a shady spot over a patio. TherraWood’s decking solutions can also create a stylish seating area, or can be used by the poolside thanks to its anti-slip, splinter-free properties.

But the TherraWood range isn’t limited to just six types of product. In fact, the range is endless thanks to our custom solutions.

TherraWood Custom Solutions

TherraWood’s WPC is a very versatile material, perfect for many applications both indoors and outside.

While TherraWood is the ideal material for your decking, siding, fencing and more, it has a beautiful real wood look, and very strong, durable properties that mean it would be a waste not to make it available for many other scenarios.

In the past, TherraWood Custom Solutions has been used to create some brilliant ideas, all of which look amazingly stylish and modern, while retaining the wood authenticity and great strengths.

Here are some of the best examples of what people have created using TherraWood.


TherraWood Custom Solutions

If you’re looking at keeping large plants on or around an area that uses TherraWood decking, planters made of the same material will look fantastic.


TherraWood Custom Solutions

It doesn’t need to be a completely unique product – in fact, you can just adapt a pre-existing TherraWood offering. For example, if you’re installing our anti-slip decking around a pool area, you might want to add these TherraWood drainage slats. Effective draining combined with great style.


TherraWood Custom Solutions

A really eye-catching creation, a bridge like this is perfect for those with a large outdoor pool or pond space.

There are many more previous custom solution ideas, which you can view in a gallery on our Custom Solutions page.

Have an idea you want to see come to life with TherraWood? To discuss your bespoke vision, get in touch with the TherraWood UK team now by calling 0161 785 5991 or sending us a message via our contact page.