TherraWood are proud to introduce the latest development in Composite Landscape and Building Products.

TherraWood was founded in Turkey in 2008, quickly growing over the past 11 years to now manufacture and distribute products in 53 countries, with more than 230 large-scale projects and installations already completed. TherraWood’s success is thanks to the unique WPC material it has used to make products including decking, fencing and siding. The wood polymer composite created under the TherraWood brand name uses a unique mix of PVC, wood fibre and additives, which in turn produces a highly reliable, weather resistant, and durable material.

TherraWood Hybrid

Always working to better their creations, TherraWood have developed a more advanced material which combines the rigidness of aluminium and resistance of plastic with the authentic aesthetic of real wood. Known as the TherraWood Hybrid, this new material blend fuses a strong aluminium core, with a composite, aesthetic timber effect exterior.

TherraWood Hybrid profiles offer an unparalleled strength and durability, with the material’s metal properties giving it a much stronger feel, while retaining the authentic feel and look of genuine wood.

However, against real wood products, Hybrid has a much longer life span, and a requires a lot less maintenance. Whilst actual wood products can take a lot of cleaning, and require a number of expensive and time-consuming chemical applications such as UV protection and varnish, none of this is required for the Hybrid. Cleaning is recommended by power wash to remove any grime that installations may pick up, but no further protection is needed. The material isn’t affected by long hot and sunny periods, with no colour fading or deterioration to worry about.

TherraWood Hybrid

TherraWood Hybrid is available in a range of installations, with a full range of Hybrid pergolas recently launched and in stock at TherraWood UK.

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As well as pergolas, TherraWood Hybrid is also used to make a selection of decking, fencing, balustrades, railing, siding, cladding, and prefabricated houses. Every application in which Hybrid is used looks just as authentically wooden as the rest, whilst packing the best qualities of aluminium – sturdiness, durability and strength.

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TherraWood UK are the sole distributors of TherraWood branded WPC & Hybrid products within the United Kingdom. Founded in 2018, TherraWood UK is a sister company of Composite Wood Company, and now stock a wide range of TherraWood’s decking, siding, fencing and more.