For over a decade, TherraWood have produced high quality WPC products and outdoor solutions. Formed in Turkey in 2008, TherraWood has grown from a small operation to a global success, creating innovative products in 53 countries around the world, and having been involved in more than 230 large scale projects.

The blend of materials that creates TherraWood is unique and effective, offering a highly efficient alternative to real wood designs. This special blend is used to build outdoor features including pergolas and decking, and is a highly durable, genuine-feel wood alternative.

Whether you’re involved in architectural design or construction, TherraWood is well worth considering for your next building project, with many options that can enhance your work.

What is TherraWood?

TherraWood’s primary material is a WPC (wood polymer composite) made of a unique blend of PVC, wood fibres and additives, to create a material that offers a much higher durability and longer life span than standard wood.

More recently, TherraWood has launched the Hybrid, a new composition that combines the strengths of aluminium and timber. The aluminium core of the material means an unmatched durability, while the composite exterior gives the look and feel of real wood.

TherraWood Wood Polymer Composite

Standard wood products can take a lot of maintenance over the years, with varnishing and UV protection often needing to be applied to avoid visible deterioration, while they can be easily damaged by regular use. TherraWood & TherraWood Hybrid eliminate these problems, with the increased durability and resistance the material offers, meaning you’re guaranteed to get many more years out of it than you would with wood.

But what products do TherraWood create that would work well as an implementation for your building project?

TherraWood Siding

Whether a residential project or commercial, TherraWood’s siding is the perfect addition to your building. With a genuine Timber look and style, you can add a classy, modern touch to the exterior of your project.

TherraWood Siding is available with our standard WPC or Hybrid material, both of which bring many benefits into the mix.

Siding is the first line of defence for your building, usually being completely unprotected from the elements. This can cause a lot of damage to wood-cladding on buildings, which can fade over constant exposure to the sun, or start to rot and fall to pieces thanks to rain and wind. TherraWood’s siding is highly durable and weather resistant, withstanding against the harshest weather conditions, and ensuring no damp damage thanks to being fully protected against moisture.

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apartment cladded with therrawood

Our cladding also has some great, additional insulation qualities, helping to stop heat from escaping your building. Not only is this a great benefit for the environment, but it can help to lower your heating bills in the winter months.

Most importantly, our siding is completely safe, with thorough flammability testing giving our cladding a Class B fire rating, ensuring peace of mind for the inhabitants of your completed constructions.

With our siding, it’s not one size fits all. Every project is completely bespoke to fit your needs and requirements, and you don’t have to be concerned about the style of siding not matching your plans. Our profiles are available in a range of colours and textures to ensure you get the stylish look you want for your building.

TherraWood Pergolas

Adding the final touches to your building project is important, and it’s key to consider your outdoor areas. A pergola attached to your building makes for the perfect garden centre-piece. If you’re building a leisure building, an outdoor seating area would heavily benefit from a feature like a pergola, while a residential project with a patio-style area would also be complemented.

A pergola is a great touch, adding some architectural charm to your outdoor area, and providing the building with a shady spot to enjoy during the hot summer months.

Fully bespoke, there are many choices you can make to ensure your pergola installation is just right for you and your building. Whether attached to the building, or free-standing as a centre-piece in your garden, your pergola will add some style to your chosen location. You can also choose whether your pergola is fully open at all sides, semi-open, or completely closed, depending on your individual needs.

pergola therrawood

Pergolas will typically be open to abuse from the elements, but unlike real wood, won’t get damaged or deteriorate in visual quality due to weather conditions. Despite not being real wood, it definitely looks authentic while packing much better benefits. In the rare event the surface of your pergola becomes stained or slightly damaged, you can easily restore the quality by rubbing the area with a stiff wire brush.

As with the siding, our pergolas are available in a range of varied styles and colours, allowing you to get the look spot on for your building project.

TherraWood Custom Solutions

You’re not limited to just choosing from our product range for your project. You know what you need better than we do, and if you can think of any other areas of your construction where the unique TherraWood material can be of use to you, we’d love to hear from you.

TherraWood’s custom solutions means that our reliable WPC can be used wherever you need it. TherraWood has created custom solutions for all types of building project across the world, with the end results using our materials for pieces such as pool bridges, drainage flooring, planters and more.

TherraWood Custom Solutions

While our products are primarily used in outdoor spaces, thanks to the highly durable weather resistant material, it can also be used indoors where you think it might be appropriate.

Click here to view our gallery of previous custom solutions, or head to our contact page to discuss your options with our team.

TherraWood UK is the country’s sole provider of TherraWood branded WPC products, including the new Hybrid profiles. For more details on our range, go to our products page to see what we can create, or get in touch with the team to discuss prices and all other queries you may have about using us for your next building project.