TherraWood UK are pleased to announce that a full range of Hybrid Pergolas are now in-stock and available for purchase.

Made from TherraWood’s unique Hybrid profile, the pergolas are available in a range of styles and designs, and offer a reliable, high quality outdoor solution. A pergola delivers an attractive installation for any garden or outdoor area, with styles including open, semi-open, and closed. No matter which you choose, it makes for an eye-catching, shaded spot to relax under.

TherraWood Hybrid

What is TherraWood Hybrid?

The TherraWood Hybrid is a new type of material that offers an even more high quality outdoor solution. Whilst the standard TherraWood WPC is made from PVC, wood fibre and additives, the Hybrid profile is manufactured using high quality aluminium and an aesthetic timber effect.  It’s designed to combine the strongest properties of three different materials – aluminium, timber and polymer.

Products made from TherraWood Hybrid are unmatched when it comes to strength and durability, whilst maintaining that authentic and genuine feel wood-like appearance.

TherraWood Hybrid

TherraWood Hybrid products are very difficult to damage, meaning you’ll have yourself a long-lasting installation. Not only are they fully resistant to all types of harsh weather, but the style and look and is maintained with no fading colours after long lasting sunny spells and heat.

As with standard TherraWood WPC products, Hybrid products are very low-maintenance. Cleaning can be done via a power-washer, but additives such as UV protection and varnish are absolutely not necessary. Using this sort of material means that over time you’ll save time and money on the expensive maintenance that can be required for the upkeep of normal wood installations.

Other Hybrid products

TherraWood Hybrid isn’t just used for making pergolas. In fact, we expect that all types of product will soon be in stock using this excellent material, including decking, siding and cladding, fencing, railing and balustrades, and prefabricated homes.

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Want to find out more about the TherraWood Hybrid Pergolas, or are interested in having some installed? Get in touch with our team to discuss your project needs and get information on pricing.

TherraWood UK are the country’s sole distributors of TherraWood branded WPC & Hybrid products, including decking, fencing, railing, classing, and pergolas. TherraWood have been creating innovative products since the brand’s inception in Turkey in 2008, now creating installations across 53 countries, and working on over 230 high-scale projects.