Creating various real-wood styled products with a higher durability and lifespan than the genuine material, TherraWood have a wide-range of great outdoor applications.

From anti-slip poolside decking, to stylish fire rated cladding, TherraWood can add a touch of real wood class to your outdoor areas, while avoiding the problems that genuine wooden products can create.

One such TherraWood creation is a range of fencing solutions, perfect for many varied outdoor situations.

TherraWood Fence

What is TherraWood fencing made of?

All TherraWood products are made with a tried and tested WPC (wood polymer composite) mix, blending together PVC, real wood fibre, and additives. The material is made from completely sustainable sources, and is fully recyclable.

What are the benefits of TherraWood fencing?

Using TherraWood’s fencing has many benefits, especially in comparison to real wood fences.

A fence made from real wood needs a lot of costly maintenance over the years, and eventually will succumb to damage from the elements and need replacing. TherraWood’s material is much more durable, and never loses its look and style.

It won’t fade with exposure to the sun, thanks to being completely UV protected, and wind, rain and ice won’t be doing any damage either, with the material being weatherproofed.

fence unit made from therrawood

UV protection is one such thing that is needed to be purchased and applied to real wood products, as is varnish, but TherraWood means you don’t have to worry about the costly chemicals and time-consuming application.

Overall, our WPC has a much longer life span, with the quality never deteriorating. It’s a stylish investment from the second it’s installed, and 20 years later will look just as good as the day it arrived. That’s with no maintenance aside from a power wash every now and then to blast away any unavoidable, accumulated dirt and grime.

What fencing styles can I get?

TherraWood offers a range of styles and colours, ensuring you find a fence that’s perfect for you and your outdoor area. Whether there’s a pre-existing colour scheme you want to compliment, or have a specific vision for your fencing, you’re sure to find a TherraWood style perfect for you.

TherraWood Fence

From dark colours such as anthracite, hazelnut brown and almond beige, to lighter styles like ivory white, stone grey and olive green, there’s sure to be a type of TherraWood that look absolutely perfect for your fencing solution.

Interested in using TherraWood for your new fencing solution? Get in touch with the team now by calling 0161 785 5991, or sending a message via our contact page.

TherraWood UK is the country’s sole distributor of TherraWood branded WPC and Hybrid products, with the brand gaining worldwide recognition since launching in Turkey in 2008, and working on more than 230 major global projects since.