TherraWood Custom Solutions: Great ideas for your project

Since the formation of TherraWood in Turkey in 2008, the brand has grown to be a global success, with the range of products on offer equally growing to a new level.

TherraWood is made from a mix of materials that create a strong and durable WPC (wood polymer composite); specifically, PVC, wood fibres and additives are blended together to create products that have the look and feel of genuine wood, but are much more reliable with longer lifespans.

What products are available using TherraWood WPC?

TherraWood is used to create a range of effective outdoor solutions, that either complement a space’s design, or fit in as a centrepiece.

TherraWood fencing and railing is used for neatly bordering garden space with style, while it’s also used for larger applications such as in the construction of prefabricated homes, or as fire rated cladding.

For something more eye-catching, a TherraWood pergola can free-stand in the centre of an outdoor space, or be installed attached to a building as a shady spot over a patio. TherraWood’s decking solutions can also create a stylish seating area, or can be used by the poolside thanks to its anti-slip, splinter-free properties.

But the TherraWood range isn’t limited to just six types of product. In fact, the range is endless thanks to our custom solutions.

TherraWood Custom Solutions

TherraWood’s WPC is a very versatile material, perfect for many applications both indoors and outside.

While TherraWood is the ideal material for your decking, siding, fencing and more, it has a beautiful real wood look, and very strong, durable properties that mean it would be a waste not to make it available for many other scenarios.

In the past, TherraWood Custom Solutions has been used to create some brilliant ideas, all of which look amazingly stylish and modern, while retaining the wood authenticity and great strengths.

Here are some of the best examples of what people have created using TherraWood.


TherraWood Custom Solutions

If you’re looking at keeping large plants on or around an area that uses TherraWood decking, planters made of the same material will look fantastic.


TherraWood Custom Solutions

It doesn’t need to be a completely unique product – in fact, you can just adapt a pre-existing TherraWood offering. For example, if you’re installing our anti-slip decking around a pool area, you might want to add these TherraWood drainage slats. Effective draining combined with great style.


TherraWood Custom Solutions

A really eye-catching creation, a bridge like this is perfect for those with a large outdoor pool or pond space.

There are many more previous custom solution ideas, which you can view in a gallery on our Custom Solutions page.

Have an idea you want to see come to life with TherraWood? To discuss your bespoke vision, get in touch with the TherraWood UK team now by calling 0161 785 5991 or sending us a message via our contact page.

Everything you need to know about TherraWood Fencing

Creating various real-wood styled products with a higher durability and lifespan than the genuine material, TherraWood have a wide-range of great outdoor applications.

From anti-slip poolside decking, to stylish fire rated cladding, TherraWood can add a touch of real wood class to your outdoor areas, while avoiding the problems that genuine wooden products can create.

One such TherraWood creation is a range of fencing solutions, perfect for many varied outdoor situations.

TherraWood Fence

What is TherraWood fencing made of?

All TherraWood products are made with a tried and tested WPC (wood polymer composite) mix, blending together PVC, real wood fibre, and additives. The material is made from completely sustainable sources, and is fully recyclable.

What are the benefits of TherraWood fencing?

Using TherraWood’s fencing has many benefits, especially in comparison to real wood fences.

A fence made from real wood needs a lot of costly maintenance over the years, and eventually will succumb to damage from the elements and need replacing. TherraWood’s material is much more durable, and never loses its look and style.

It won’t fade with exposure to the sun, thanks to being completely UV protected, and wind, rain and ice won’t be doing any damage either, with the material being weatherproofed.

fence unit made from therrawood

UV protection is one such thing that is needed to be purchased and applied to real wood products, as is varnish, but TherraWood means you don’t have to worry about the costly chemicals and time-consuming application.

Overall, our WPC has a much longer life span, with the quality never deteriorating. It’s a stylish investment from the second it’s installed, and 20 years later will look just as good as the day it arrived. That’s with no maintenance aside from a power wash every now and then to blast away any unavoidable, accumulated dirt and grime.

What fencing styles can I get?

TherraWood offers a range of styles and colours, ensuring you find a fence that’s perfect for you and your outdoor area. Whether there’s a pre-existing colour scheme you want to compliment, or have a specific vision for your fencing, you’re sure to find a TherraWood style perfect for you.

TherraWood Fence

From dark colours such as anthracite, hazelnut brown and almond beige, to lighter styles like ivory white, stone grey and olive green, there’s sure to be a type of TherraWood that look absolutely perfect for your fencing solution.

Interested in using TherraWood for your new fencing solution? Get in touch with the team now by calling 0161 785 5991, or sending a message via our contact page.

TherraWood UK is the country’s sole distributor of TherraWood branded WPC and Hybrid products, with the brand gaining worldwide recognition since launching in Turkey in 2008, and working on more than 230 major global projects since.

How TherraWood Products Can Enhance your Building Projects

For over a decade, TherraWood have produced high quality WPC products and outdoor solutions. Formed in Turkey in 2008, TherraWood has grown from a small operation to a global success, creating innovative products in 53 countries around the world, and having been involved in more than 230 large scale projects.

The blend of materials that creates TherraWood is unique and effective, offering a highly efficient alternative to real wood designs. This special blend is used to build outdoor features including pergolas and decking, and is a highly durable, genuine-feel wood alternative.

Whether you’re involved in architectural design or construction, TherraWood is well worth considering for your next building project, with many options that can enhance your work.

What is TherraWood?

TherraWood’s primary material is a WPC (wood polymer composite) made of a unique blend of PVC, wood fibres and additives, to create a material that offers a much higher durability and longer life span than standard wood.

More recently, TherraWood has launched the Hybrid, a new composition that combines the strengths of aluminium and timber. The aluminium core of the material means an unmatched durability, while the composite exterior gives the look and feel of real wood.

TherraWood Wood Polymer Composite

Standard wood products can take a lot of maintenance over the years, with varnishing and UV protection often needing to be applied to avoid visible deterioration, while they can be easily damaged by regular use. TherraWood & TherraWood Hybrid eliminate these problems, with the increased durability and resistance the material offers, meaning you’re guaranteed to get many more years out of it than you would with wood.

But what products do TherraWood create that would work well as an implementation for your building project?

TherraWood Siding

Whether a residential project or commercial, TherraWood’s siding is the perfect addition to your building. With a genuine Timber look and style, you can add a classy, modern touch to the exterior of your project.

TherraWood Siding is available with our standard WPC or Hybrid material, both of which bring many benefits into the mix.

Siding is the first line of defence for your building, usually being completely unprotected from the elements. This can cause a lot of damage to wood-cladding on buildings, which can fade over constant exposure to the sun, or start to rot and fall to pieces thanks to rain and wind. TherraWood’s siding is highly durable and weather resistant, withstanding against the harshest weather conditions, and ensuring no damp damage thanks to being fully protected against moisture.

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apartment cladded with therrawood

Our cladding also has some great, additional insulation qualities, helping to stop heat from escaping your building. Not only is this a great benefit for the environment, but it can help to lower your heating bills in the winter months.

Most importantly, our siding is completely safe, with thorough flammability testing giving our cladding a Class B fire rating, ensuring peace of mind for the inhabitants of your completed constructions.

With our siding, it’s not one size fits all. Every project is completely bespoke to fit your needs and requirements, and you don’t have to be concerned about the style of siding not matching your plans. Our profiles are available in a range of colours and textures to ensure you get the stylish look you want for your building.

TherraWood Pergolas

Adding the final touches to your building project is important, and it’s key to consider your outdoor areas. A pergola attached to your building makes for the perfect garden centre-piece. If you’re building a leisure building, an outdoor seating area would heavily benefit from a feature like a pergola, while a residential project with a patio-style area would also be complemented.

A pergola is a great touch, adding some architectural charm to your outdoor area, and providing the building with a shady spot to enjoy during the hot summer months.

Fully bespoke, there are many choices you can make to ensure your pergola installation is just right for you and your building. Whether attached to the building, or free-standing as a centre-piece in your garden, your pergola will add some style to your chosen location. You can also choose whether your pergola is fully open at all sides, semi-open, or completely closed, depending on your individual needs.

pergola therrawood

Pergolas will typically be open to abuse from the elements, but unlike real wood, won’t get damaged or deteriorate in visual quality due to weather conditions. Despite not being real wood, it definitely looks authentic while packing much better benefits. In the rare event the surface of your pergola becomes stained or slightly damaged, you can easily restore the quality by rubbing the area with a stiff wire brush.

As with the siding, our pergolas are available in a range of varied styles and colours, allowing you to get the look spot on for your building project.

TherraWood Custom Solutions

You’re not limited to just choosing from our product range for your project. You know what you need better than we do, and if you can think of any other areas of your construction where the unique TherraWood material can be of use to you, we’d love to hear from you.

TherraWood’s custom solutions means that our reliable WPC can be used wherever you need it. TherraWood has created custom solutions for all types of building project across the world, with the end results using our materials for pieces such as pool bridges, drainage flooring, planters and more.

TherraWood Custom Solutions

While our products are primarily used in outdoor spaces, thanks to the highly durable weather resistant material, it can also be used indoors where you think it might be appropriate.

Click here to view our gallery of previous custom solutions, or head to our contact page to discuss your options with our team.

TherraWood UK is the country’s sole provider of TherraWood branded WPC products, including the new Hybrid profiles. For more details on our range, go to our products page to see what we can create, or get in touch with the team to discuss prices and all other queries you may have about using us for your next building project.

Why consider TherraWood Siding for your next project?

TherraWood Siding can enhance any commercial and residential project regardless of the property or the location, by adding architectural charm to the exterior of the building without jeopardising the highly durable nature of the material. 

Here, we discuss the reasons to consider the TherraWood Siding product for your next project.

It looks great

The natural timber effect of our TherraWood composite ensures an elegant look and feel to the product. TherraWood siding panels are designed to replicate the authenticity of natural wood without sacrificing any of the robust features that make us the product of choice for professionals.

TherraWood Siding is available in a wide range of colours for both inside and outside corners including browns, greens, grey and white. These colours can be combined as you see fit and our team are on hand to help guide your project forward in this regard.

apartment cladded with therrawood

Protective qualities

TherraWood’s weather-proof qualities are rigorously tested against the United Kingdom climate and, as a result, we are proud to guarantee that all of our products will stand the test of time.

TherraWood is coated with a protective resin that provides a waterproof feature for the material. This drastically lowers the chances of rotting and algae build up. The resin also acts as a block against UV rays ensuring the structural integrity of the siding is maintained. This feature also maintains the colouring of the siding and increases the long term durability of TherraWood products, there is no longer a need to re paint, stain or seal your properties.

Environmentally responsible

The unique blend of wood polymer composite uses ethically sourced wood fibres. Using environmentally sound wood fibres from sustainable sources helps to preserve our world’s natural woodlands, forests and jungles by using only what can be replaced. That’s why fast-growing woods like bamboo are frequently the material of choice.

As TherraWood possesses a very long lifespan, you will not have to pay for additional products or materials that put a strain on the environment to source. Further, if the time does eventually come and your build has reached the end of its life, TherraWood is designed to be 100% recyclable meaning it can be put to a new use as part of another project elsewhere.

Learn more about our environmental responsibility here.

Fast and practical installation

With so much going on around a building site, and so much demanding your attention, the ease of installation that comes with TherraWood Siding can be a blessing. 

TherraWood products are quick and easy to install, taking substantially less time to put together than a real wood profile would do. Stainless steel fasteners are used to completely hide the construction of the siding, you’re left only with the natural wood look and feel.

This also means that the siding can be easily taken down for re-positioning, removal or recycling purposes.

TherraWood UK are the UK’s sole distributors of TherraWood branded WPC products, including decking, siding, fencing, railings, pergolas, and prefabricated buildings. Made from a unique blend of wood fibre, additives and PVC, the TherraWood material is a stylish and authentic looking option, that offers a high quality, durable, low-maintenance solution.

Want to find out more about TherraWood UK and the products on offer? Get in touch with our friendly team now to discuss your requirements.


4 TherraWood Products That Work Well in a Garden Environment

TherraWood creates a range of effective, versatile products that can be used in many applications.

In many commercial situations, our range of decking creates a premium feel to poolside areas, while our siding is the perfect fire-rated addition to new-build homes and offices.

Several of our products are great choices for the garden environment, whether in a the garden of a home, or in a larger green space for a business. These are the products we recommend considering for those places.

TherraWood Pergolas

A pergola is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, with versatile designs available for a truly bespoke installation.

Pergolas provide an eye-catching centerpiece for your garden, while giving you a shady spot to in to get out of the sun. One of the most popular types of pergola is built as an attachment to your house or building, creating a covered area close to your door. It’s ideal for situating your patio furniture beneath, and creates an aesthetically pleasing spot for gatherings, whether you want to sit out and watch the day go by, or enjoy an outdoor meal with family.

TherraWood Pergola

With a selection of open, semi-open and closed designs a part of our product range, you can also opt to install a free-standing pergola. Taking it away from a patio type space, this could sit in a central spot of your garden area, giving your land a great new feature. Again, it’s good for installing patio furniture beneath to produce a spot for sitting down and relaxing in your garden.

As with all TherraWood products, our pergolas are pretty much maintenance-free, with no expensive chemicals such as UV balancers and varnishes needed. Every now and then, you might need to use a power washer to blast away any accumulated grime, but with a highly durable WPC material, you’ll find your pergola to be a long lasting, never-fading installation.

TherraWood Railing

If you have a raised area in your garden, or maybe want to add casual bordering to different parts of your space, TherraWood’s railing range is a great option.

Our range of railing products is produced using the new TherraWood Hybrid system, a unique material that combines the strength of aluminium with the authentic stylings of real timber. Hybrid is made with an aluminium core inside a composite outer layer. The outside of the material looks and feels like genuine wood, but the core enables it to have an unmatched strength and durability.

TherraWood Hybrid Railing Systems

Hybrid is used to create stylish railings, with a number of options available for you to create the perfect piece for your garden. The railings can have a natural looking brushed finish or feel smoother, depending on your preference. Whilst the most popular of our railings are centrally filled with vertical balusters, this can be replaced, either with sleek glass panelling or horizontally placed stainless steel cables.

TherraWood Decking

Whether you want a decked area for a patio-style part of your garden, or want stylish surroundings for a pool, TherraWood’s decking will fit right in.

Real wood decking can be a nightmare to maintain, with colours fading in the sun, and heavy footfall gradually damaging and weakening the installation. As the wood splits, screw heads can pop out over time, and again and again you’ll find yourself having to fork out for more maintenance.

TherraWood creates its decking using a WPC mix that offers a longer life-span, low-maintenance, highly durable end product.

TherraWood decking

Our decking is completely safe on numerous levels. It’s been awarded with a class 3 anti-slip rating, the highest possible, making this a worry-free option for the poolside. It also doesn’t splinter and screw heads don’t pop, meaning you can be assured that you won’t find yourself suffering with any injuries as you walk over it. Our safety certifications continue with a class B fire rating, after thorough flammability testing has been carried out in several countries, with load bearing limits also subjected to examinations.

Visibly, our decking has the authentic, stylish look of real wood, and with a simple installation method it looks extremely tidy too. Hidden stainless steel fasteners are used to install the decking, while the design has space for any electrical cables you need to run across the decking, to be hidden away inside.

TherraWood Fencing

For the border of your garden spencing, TherraWood offers fencing that will over time prove itself to be a valuable addition to your land.

Avoiding the common problems of real wood fencing, which after several years can look battered and heavily deteriorated, TherraWood’s fences remain in pristine condition for a much longer life span. The unique TherraWood WPC blend is made from PVC, wood fibre and additives, which combine to produce a highly durable, low-maintenance fencing solution.

fence unit made from therrawoodTherraWood Custom Solutions

A real wood fence requires a lot of continuous maintenance. Colours can fade in the sun, requiring you to top it up regularly with UV protection, while varnishing is another regular chore and cost for real wood fence owners. TherraWood needs none of this – in fact, aside from a wash every now and then, you won’t need to touch your fence installation. In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your fence, a 20 year limited warranty is included with your installation, as it is with all TherraWood products.

Want to spruce up your garden with some stylish, cost-effective, high quality TherraWood products? TherraWood have been producing their range since the foundation of the company in Turkey in 2008, since growing to be involved in more than 230 large scale products, and distributing and producing products in 53 countries across the world.

TherraWood UK is the country’s sole distributor of TherraWood branded WPC products and Hybrid profiles. If you want to find out more information about our garden products, or other creations from our innovative range, you can speak to one of our team for a details and quotes. Call the office now on 0161 785 5991, or send us an email at You can also get in touch by filling in our enquiry form.

TherraWood Launches New Hybrid Railing Systems

TherraWood have launched a new range of Hybrid railing systems, in stock now.

Among our range of products, including decking, siding, fencing, and pergolas, we stock a selection of attractive and effective railings, now available using TherraWood’s unique Hybrid profile.

What is TherraWood Hybrid?

TherraWood’s products are typically made with our popular wood polymer composite (WPC), uniquely mixing PVC, wood fibres and additives to create products that offer the authentic look and feel of genuine wood, but in a much more low-maintenance, durable form.

TherraWood Hybrid is our latest creation, and is an innovative and effective product. Hybrid packs the strength of aluminium, and combines it with the beauty of real wood. It’s built with an aluminum core which is wrapped in a high quality composite exterior, giving off an authentic timber effect.

TherraWood Hybrid Balustrade Railing

TherraWood Hybrid is already used to create pergolas here in the UK, and is now extending to railings.

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TherraWood Hybrid Railing Systems

TherraWood already stock a range of great looking railing systems, made out of our traditional WPC. However, we now create railing products using the Hybrid profile. As well as offering an unmatched durability, and a visually appealing exterior, these new railings have a Class B fire rating and are available in a range of attractive colours.

Therrawood Hybrid Railing with Stainless Steel Cable

As with all of our railings, the Hybrid systems can be installed in several bespoke ways. Balustrade fencing is one of our most popular options, and the baluster style is available as a Hybrid option. Our Hybrid railings can also be installed with stainless steel cable, or added glass panels, creating beautiful borders for outdoor areas, and adding a touch of class to gardens.

Not only does the Hybrid railing system look great, but it’s a low-maintenance, cost-effective option. Highly durable and weatherproof, it has a considerably longer lifespan than real wood. It also doesn’t need costly chemicals such as UV protection and varnish like genuine wood products do.

TherraWood Hybrid railing with glass panelling

For more information about our new Hybrid railing systems, get in touch with our office team, who can also discuss our opening offers with you. Not just sturdy and reliable, but also a visually stunning addition to your outdoor spaces, our Hybrid railing systems are modern, architecturally complementing products.

Find out more about the Hybrid range here, including our Hybrid pergolas.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about TherraWood

Although TherraWood has been established for over a decade across the globe, it’s still a relatively new name here in the UK, and as such, you might not know what we’re about.

With an insight into our unique, effective products, and details on why they’re well worth the investment, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about TherraWood and our product range…

What is TherraWood made from?

The material used in TherraWood’s products is a unique WPC (wood polymer composite). It’s made from a creative and effective mix of PVC, wood fibre and additives, providing a highly durable, cost-effective and great looking alternative to timber.

What is TherraWood Hybrid?

TherraWood Hybrid is a new range of products made from an innovative new material blend, combining the strongest properties of three materials – aluminium, timber and polymer. Specifically, each Hybrid profile is made with an aluminium core, then securely covered in an aesthetic timber effect. This leaves you with a real wood look, but a product with the strength and durability of aluminium.

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TherraWood Hybrid

Who are TherraWood?

TherraWood are a Turkish company founded in 2008 with headquarters in Istanbul, and a manufacturing plant in Corlu, Tekirdag. Since opening in 2008, TherraWood has seen a huge growth of more than 800% in turnover, and has now expanded operations with additional facilities opening in the Middle East and North America. Over the past 11 years, TherraWood has grown to distribute its products in 53 countries, and has been involved in more than 230 large scale projects.

TherraWood UK is the new British venture of TherraWood, established in 2018 as the UK’s sole provider of TherraWood branded WPC products. Based in Oldham, TherraWood UK distribute a number of high quality products and installations, using the unique TherraWood WPC material.

Is TherraWood a better option than genuine wood?

Genuine wood products look fantastic, but in comparison to TherraWood’s products, don’t hold up too well. Real wood is a lot more easy to damage than durable TherraWood, which is also a much lower maintenance option.

Whilst real wood products can fade and warp over time, thanks to the weather, TherraWood is completely weatherproof, and without all of the ill effects wood can receive, has a much longer lifespan.

What can I use TherraWood for?

TherraWood have developed an entire range of stylish products, perfect for any outdoor space. Our composite landscape and building products can be used to add a touch of class to your garden, or can make for stunning centrepieces in larger, commercial environments.

TherraWood pergolas can be perfect additions for shaded, sheltered spots in your space, while our balustrade railing is a great way of bordering areas in a stylish fashion. TherraWood siding is a stunning finish to a new home, and our fencing adds security and privacy to your space while maintaining an effective aesthetic look. We also stock prefabricated homes made from TherraWood, and offer decking options for your garden, or as a poolside walkway.

How safe is TherraWood decking?

TherraWood decking is designed to be a safe option for those using it.

Unlike a lot of wood decking, TherraWood’s decking options are made to be completely slip-free, and are rated class 3 – the highest anti-slip rating possible. As well as being anti-slip, it’s splinter free, and you don’t have to worry about screw heads popping out like you might get over time with standard wood.

TherraWood’s decking is also tested thoroughly in multiple countries for things such as load bearing limits and flammability, and is deemed a completely safe option.

pool decking therrawood

Is TherraWood an environmentally friendly product?

TherraWood acknowledges the responsibility we all have towards improving and preserving the environment, and as such, we ensure all of our products and processes are as efficient as they can be.

All of the wood used in our products comes from sustainable sources, as we do what we can to help preserve the planet’s natural forests, keeping in mind the devastating effects deforestation can have. Our products are also 100% recyclable, meaning use of landfill can be avoided when the time comes that your product’s very long lifespan is eventually over.

Our products are created in a modern, “state of the art” facility, with our equipment fully optimised to be energy efficient, and as least wasteful as possible.

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What do I need to do to maintain TherraWood products?

The beauty of TherraWoods products are that they are extremely low-maintenance, especially in comparison with real wood. All you need to do is give it a clean every now and then, with a power washer our recommended tool to blast away any accumulated dirt.

It means you save a lot of money in the long term when compared to the equivalent product made from genuine wood – gone is the need for expensive and sometimes harmful chemicals such as varnish and UV protection.

railing made from therrawood

Does TherraWood look like authentic wood?

Absolutely, it’s what makes it such a great looking, stylish option for any outdoor space. The product might not be made from 100% genuine timber, but it certainly looks and feels that way. While maintaining the general look and style, it packs in many beneficial qualities thanks to the material mix, including a longer life span, higher durability, and a lesser need for maintenance.

How easy is it to install TherraWood products?

The installation of TherraWood products can be both fast and practical, with our designs built in a way that makes it easy for fitters to assemble.

Our decking in particular is designed not just for easy installation, but also clean and discreet fitting. The fasteners used are made from stainless steel, and are hidden away, while a unique design enables you to run cables and wires underneath the decking, safely stored and leaving you with a clear and unobstructed profile.

Are there different styles of TherraWood?

Yes, we know that having just one style for all products isn’t going to suit every project, which is why we offer a range of colours so you can choose one absolutely perfect for your bespoke installation.

From brighter, more vibrant colours such as ivory white and olive green, to darker, classier choices like anthracite, hazelnut brown, and almond beige, there’s something for everyone.

TherraWood range of colours and styles

Is my TherraWood installation covered by a warranty?

TherraWood’s products are highly durable, and we can guarantee that they won’t succumb to splintering, rotting or damage from termites or fungal decay, while every finished installation will be free from any material defects in workmanship.

Despite this, problems can still occur in very rare cases, and as such, your investment in a TherraWood installation is protected by a 20 year limit warranty.

Have any notable companies installed TherraWood products?

Yes, we’re proud to have produced installations for names including Starbucks Coffee, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and Club Med.

You can view some of our most notable clients here.

How can I contact TherraWood?

If you’re interested in our products and want to find out more, or want a quote for your project, it’s easy to contact our friendly, knowledgeable office team.

You can send us an enquiry here, or give us a call on 0161 785 5991.

Do you have other questions that are left unanswered? Don’t hesitate to contact the TherraWood UK team for more information, using the above details or by heading to our contact page.

TherraWood Decking: Everything you need to know

TherraWood produces and stocks a wide range of high quality, real wood look products, great for adding to any outdoor space or garden, either as a centrepiece or flourish.

Whether you want a buildings external to look great with weatherproof cladding, or want to make an impact with belasturde fencing or a pergola, TherraWood has the materials to ensure a durable, long lasting and low maintenance installation.

One of our products in particular has many benefits, and is a stunning solution for any outdoor space. Here’s everything you need to know about TherraWood decking

TherraWood Wood Polymer Composite

What is TherraWood decking made of?

Like all TherraWood products, our decking is made from the unique TherraWood wood polymer composite (WPC). This WPC is created using an effective blend of PVC, wood fibre and additives, all sustainably sourced to ensure our planet’s natural forests are preserved.

What are the benefits of TherraWood decking?

By using TherraWood for your decking installation, you’re guaranteed to enjoy many benefits.

TherraWood decking is a strong, safe option, offering a completely slip and splinter free solution.

When compared to a genuine wood product, TherraWood decking can help you save a lot of time and effort. Wood decking can often fade and discolour in the sun, leaving you with a less attractive end product. The weather can also make decking splinter and split, with screw heads often popping out as the wood adjusts over time.

In comparison, TherraWood decking is very highly durable, not succumbing to damage or ill effects from impact and weather. The only maintenance you’ll ever need to do is clean it! We recommend a standard power washer for this, and you’ll save plenty of money with no expensive or harmful chemicals such as varnishes or UV protection required.

pool decking therrawood

What is TherraWood Hybrid decking?

This type of decking is made from TherraWood’s latest innovation – TherraWood Hybrid. This is a unique material that combines the strongest properties of three materials – aluminium, timber and polymer. Specifically, TherraWood Hybrid is made from aluminium, which is then securely wrapped in an aesthetic timber outer layer, with a genuine wood look and feel.

The aluminium core provides an even stronger material, while the external layer leaves you with that same great looking, genuine wood style.

What styles are available?

It’s not one style for all, don’t worry. Every piece of TherraWood decking is incredibly stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but you’ll be able to choose from a range of eye catching colours and styles to help you get the perfect solution for your space.

From classy, darker styles such as hazelnut brown, anthracite, and tropical brown, to brighter, more vibrant styles like olive green, almond beige, ivory white and stone grey, there’s plenty to choose from.

TherraWood UK are the sole distributors of TherraWood branded WPC products in the UK, including TherraWood’s range of high quality decking.

Want more information, or a quote for your project? Send an enquiry to our office team, or give us a call on 0161 785 5991.

How TherraWood products pioneer environmental responsibility

TherraWood produce a range of high quality outdoor products, including stylish and aesthetically pleasing decking, fencing, cladding, pergolas and more.

All products are made with TherraWood’s completely unique and effective WPC (wood polymer composite) blend, consisting of PVC, wood fibre and additives, a mix that creates a material with both high durability, and a real wood look. Despite the authentic wood feel and style, you don’t have to worry about the high maintenance that comes with real wood products – no expensive chemicals or UV protection are required, while the lifespan of the products is much longer thanks to a lack of splitting and easy impact damage.

apartment cladded with therrawood

TherraWood have also recently launched the new Hybrid profile, another uniquely created material that is used in the production of innovative outdoor installations. The new profile takes the strongest properties of aluminium, timber and polymer and combines them, for a strongly reliable new building material. Each product is made from aluminium, wrapped in a timber effect with an authentic look and feel.

Both of these products are high quality methods of improving your outdoor installations, but despite their quality, they’re made with a keen eye on the environment.

TherraWood have been creating products since their foundation in 2008, growing as a company from a small base in Turkey, to distributing products for involvement in more than 230 large scale projects across 53 countries. This growth hasn’t come at the expense of the environment though, with TherraWood’s global operations taking note of the responsibility towards this.

TherraWood environment responsibility

How does TherraWood ensure environmental responsibility? 

TherraWood’s products themselves are completely sustainable, with the wood used in the production coming from sustainable sources that help to preserve our world’s natural forests. Deforestation has devastating effects on the planet and natural habitats, and using sustainable alternative wood sources enables us to help reduce these consequences.

TherraWood products have a very long lifespan, thanks to their high quality durability, but when the time eventually comes to move on from your installation, you don’t have to worry about it heading to landfill or polluting the environment. Every one of our products is designed to be 100% recyclable, meaning they can be developed into other products in the future.

It’s not just the products themselves that are environmentally friendly though – the responsibility is factored in to the production process also. TherraWood produces its products at a modern manufacturing facility, which is designed with “state of the art” equipment. This equipment is highly efficient, meaning the production process doesn’t waste energy, and has a lesser environmental impact.

TherraWood UK is the sole provider of TherraWood branded products in the UK, stocking effective installations such as decking, pergolas, fencing and cladding. To find out more about our products, contact the team, either by filling in our enquiry form, or calling 0161 785 5991.

6 Features That Make TherraWood A High Quality Material

TherraWood is a name you might have heard before, with the manufacturer of WPC (wood polymer composite) solutions having originated in Turkey in 2008, and going on to become a worldwide brand. With more than 230 large-scale projects taken on in countries including UAE, TherraWood has fast become of the one most reliable names when it comes to choosing a great looking, reliable material for outdoor solutions including cladding, decking, and fencing.

TherraWood UK is now the UK’s sole distributor of TherraWood branded WPC products in the UK, with a full range of innovative and stylish products for outdoor spaces. But what is it that makes TherraWood such a reliable and high quality material? We’ve put together a list of some of the features that give TherraWood the premium edge:

1. Resistant to all weather conditions

No matter whether you’re using TherraWood for decking, railings or pergolas, the weather isn’t going to have any sort of effect on it. Cold and wet conditions won’t have a negative effect on any TherraWood product. Constant bad weather isn’t going to deteriorate the look of your installation, and it’s not going to make it any less low-maintenance than you’d want.

Standard wood decking in particular can be a bit of a hazard when it comes to heavy rainfall, with the possibility of slipping and falling rising considerably. With the alternative TherraWood WPC decking, you’ll have a completely safe and slip-free experience, no matter how wet the surface may be.

TherraWood is resistant to all weather conditions including rain

It’s not just bad weather you might worry about. Outdoor wood products can end up losing their quality when exposed to hot, sunny weather for long periods, with the wood warping and colours fading. Again, this is something TherraWood has completely combatted. The material we use is completely UV protected, and you don’t have to worry about any fading or changing of appearance.

2. Highly durable

Products created with the unique TherraWood WPC blend are known for being highly durable in a wide range of situations. As already mentioned, any TherraWood product has a high resistance to all types of weather conditions, including rain, snow, ice and sun. But what else makes TherraWood so durable?

Standard wood products such as decking can experience a range of problems, such as screw heads popping out over time, and cracking and splintering due to moisture and wear & tear. The unique material used in TherraWood materials ensures these common problems won’t occur, with products also protected against insect damage and heavy use.

As such, you’ll find TherraWood products to be not just durable, but also very long-lasting. The lifespan of TherraWood products is considerably longer than that of wood equivalents, meaning you’ll save money in the long run on repairs and replacements.

You’ll also notice that over time, the original style and condition of your TherraWood products will be retained – there’s no surface damage or colour fading to worry about.

composite railing

3. Easy to clean & maintain

Cleaning your TherraWood installations is an easy task to do. Save a lot of your money and time by dropping products such as UV protection, varnishes and other chemicals that you might need for a wood equivalent. To keep the pristine look of your product, we recommend a simple power wash. A blast of water to remove any grime your installation might have picked up over time will reveal a clean, great looking product underneath, that will look exactly as it did the day it was installed. Exposure to UV light won’t force any fading or colour changes, and you don’t have to worry about any other form of maintenance.

If you do notice a deterioration of surface quality over a long period of time though, don’t panic. It’s unlikely this will happen, but in the event it does, it’s not the end of the world. A stiff wire brush is recommended for rubbing the face of the product, and this should help to return you to the original surface quality. The high quality of the material isn’t just on the surface – it’s built throughout the entirety of the product, which is why rubbing down any worn parts will reveal the top quality finish you previously had.

4. Real-wood look

One of the most important parts of any outdoor installation is the look and style. Every product created by TherraWood is designed to be striking and stylish, whether it’s a siding project, decking, or fencing.

TherraWood is made from a unique blend of high-quality wood fibers, and virgin polymer resins, and despite it not being 100% genuine wood, you wouldn’t be able to tell from its appearance. Each installation looks like an authentic wood product, but doesn’t come with the issues genuine would does (poor durability and high maintenance for example).

5. Simple, tidy installation

TherraWood products are quick and easy to install, taking considerably less time than the installation of a real wood profile might. However, it’s the clean and tidy way in which installations are completed that makes the products stand out.

With products such as decking, stainless steel fasteners are used that are completely hidden thanks to the design of the product. With decking in particular, wires are also able to run underneath the installation, again completely hidden within the “groove” design.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Every product created by TherraWood is 100% recyclable, while the material used is sourced responsibly. The high-quality wood fibers come from sustainable schemes that help us to preserve our natural forests.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing facility used to produce TherraWood’s profiles has modern, state of the art technology that increases the efficiency of our operations to make as little an environmental impact as possible.

TherraWood UK are the UK’s sole distributors of TherraWood branded WPC products, including decking, siding, fencing, railings, pergolas, and prefabricated buildings. Made from a unique blend of wood fibre, additives and PVC, the TherraWood material is a stylish and authentic looking option, that offers a high quality, durable, low-maintenance solution.

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