TherraWood is a name you might have heard before, with the manufacturer of WPC (wood polymer composite) solutions having originated in Turkey in 2008, and going on to become a worldwide brand. With more than 230 large-scale projects taken on in countries including UAE, TherraWood has fast become of the one most reliable names when it comes to choosing a great looking, reliable material for outdoor solutions including cladding, decking, and fencing.

TherraWood UK is now the UK’s sole distributor of TherraWood branded WPC products in the UK, with a full range of innovative and stylish products for outdoor spaces. But what is it that makes TherraWood such a reliable and high quality material? We’ve put together a list of some of the features that give TherraWood the premium edge:

1. Resistant to all weather conditions

No matter whether you’re using TherraWood for decking, railings or pergolas, the weather isn’t going to have any sort of effect on it. Cold and wet conditions won’t have a negative effect on any TherraWood product. Constant bad weather isn’t going to deteriorate the look of your installation, and it’s not going to make it any less low-maintenance than you’d want.

Standard wood decking in particular can be a bit of a hazard when it comes to heavy rainfall, with the possibility of slipping and falling rising considerably. With the alternative TherraWood WPC decking, you’ll have a completely safe and slip-free experience, no matter how wet the surface may be.

TherraWood is resistant to all weather conditions including rain

It’s not just bad weather you might worry about. Outdoor wood products can end up losing their quality when exposed to hot, sunny weather for long periods, with the wood warping and colours fading. Again, this is something TherraWood has completely combatted. The material we use is completely UV protected, and you don’t have to worry about any fading or changing of appearance.

2. Highly durable

Products created with the unique TherraWood WPC blend are known for being highly durable in a wide range of situations. As already mentioned, any TherraWood product has a high resistance to all types of weather conditions, including rain, snow, ice and sun. But what else makes TherraWood so durable?

Standard wood products such as decking can experience a range of problems, such as screw heads popping out over time, and cracking and splintering due to moisture and wear & tear. The unique material used in TherraWood materials ensures these common problems won’t occur, with products also protected against insect damage and heavy use.

As such, you’ll find TherraWood products to be not just durable, but also very long-lasting. The lifespan of TherraWood products is considerably longer than that of wood equivalents, meaning you’ll save money in the long run on repairs and replacements.

You’ll also notice that over time, the original style and condition of your TherraWood products will be retained – there’s no surface damage or colour fading to worry about.

composite railing

3. Easy to clean & maintain

Cleaning your TherraWood installations is an easy task to do. Save a lot of your money and time by dropping products such as UV protection, varnishes and other chemicals that you might need for a wood equivalent. To keep the pristine look of your product, we recommend a simple power wash. A blast of water to remove any grime your installation might have picked up over time will reveal a clean, great looking product underneath, that will look exactly as it did the day it was installed. Exposure to UV light won’t force any fading or colour changes, and you don’t have to worry about any other form of maintenance.

If you do notice a deterioration of surface quality over a long period of time though, don’t panic. It’s unlikely this will happen, but in the event it does, it’s not the end of the world. A stiff wire brush is recommended for rubbing the face of the product, and this should help to return you to the original surface quality. The high quality of the material isn’t just on the surface – it’s built throughout the entirety of the product, which is why rubbing down any worn parts will reveal the top quality finish you previously had.

4. Real-wood look

One of the most important parts of any outdoor installation is the look and style. Every product created by TherraWood is designed to be striking and stylish, whether it’s a siding project, decking, or fencing.

TherraWood is made from a unique blend of high-quality wood fibers, and virgin polymer resins, and despite it not being 100% genuine wood, you wouldn’t be able to tell from its appearance. Each installation looks like an authentic wood product, but doesn’t come with the issues genuine would does (poor durability and high maintenance for example).

5. Simple, tidy installation

TherraWood products are quick and easy to install, taking considerably less time than the installation of a real wood profile might. However, it’s the clean and tidy way in which installations are completed that makes the products stand out.

With products such as decking, stainless steel fasteners are used that are completely hidden thanks to the design of the product. With decking in particular, wires are also able to run underneath the installation, again completely hidden within the “groove” design.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Every product created by TherraWood is 100% recyclable, while the material used is sourced responsibly. The high-quality wood fibers come from sustainable schemes that help us to preserve our natural forests.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing facility used to produce TherraWood’s profiles has modern, state of the art technology that increases the efficiency of our operations to make as little an environmental impact as possible.

TherraWood UK are the UK’s sole distributors of TherraWood branded WPC products, including decking, siding, fencing, railings, pergolas, and prefabricated buildings. Made from a unique blend of wood fibre, additives and PVC, the TherraWood material is a stylish and authentic looking option, that offers a high quality, durable, low-maintenance solution.

Want to find out more about TherraWood UK and the products on offer? Get in touch with our friendly team now to discuss your requirements.