TherraWood creates a range of effective, versatile products that can be used in many applications.

In many commercial situations, our range of decking creates a premium feel to poolside areas, while our siding is the perfect fire-rated addition to new-build homes and offices.

Several of our products are great choices for the garden environment, whether in a the garden of a home, or in a larger green space for a business. These are the products we recommend considering for those places.

TherraWood Pergolas

A pergola is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, with versatile designs available for a truly bespoke installation.

Pergolas provide an eye-catching centerpiece for your garden, while giving you a shady spot to in to get out of the sun. One of the most popular types of pergola is built as an attachment to your house or building, creating a covered area close to your door. It’s ideal for situating your patio furniture beneath, and creates an aesthetically pleasing spot for gatherings, whether you want to sit out and watch the day go by, or enjoy an outdoor meal with family.

TherraWood Pergola

With a selection of open, semi-open and closed designs a part of our product range, you can also opt to install a free-standing pergola. Taking it away from a patio type space, this could sit in a central spot of your garden area, giving your land a great new feature. Again, it’s good for installing patio furniture beneath to produce a spot for sitting down and relaxing in your garden.

As with all TherraWood products, our pergolas are pretty much maintenance-free, with no expensive chemicals such as UV balancers and varnishes needed. Every now and then, you might need to use a power washer to blast away any accumulated grime, but with a highly durable WPC material, you’ll find your pergola to be a long lasting, never-fading installation.

TherraWood Railing

If you have a raised area in your garden, or maybe want to add casual bordering to different parts of your space, TherraWood’s railing range is a great option.

Our range of railing products is produced using the new TherraWood Hybrid system, a unique material that combines the strength of aluminium with the authentic stylings of real timber. Hybrid is made with an aluminium core inside a composite outer layer. The outside of the material looks and feels like genuine wood, but the core enables it to have an unmatched strength and durability.

TherraWood Hybrid Railing Systems

Hybrid is used to create stylish railings, with a number of options available for you to create the perfect piece for your garden. The railings can have a natural looking brushed finish or feel smoother, depending on your preference. Whilst the most popular of our railings are centrally filled with vertical balusters, this can be replaced, either with sleek glass panelling or horizontally placed stainless steel cables.

TherraWood Decking

Whether you want a decked area for a patio-style part of your garden, or want stylish surroundings for a pool, TherraWood’s decking will fit right in.

Real wood decking can be a nightmare to maintain, with colours fading in the sun, and heavy footfall gradually damaging and weakening the installation. As the wood splits, screw heads can pop out over time, and again and again you’ll find yourself having to fork out for more maintenance.

TherraWood creates its decking using a WPC mix that offers a longer life-span, low-maintenance, highly durable end product.

TherraWood decking

Our decking is completely safe on numerous levels. It’s been awarded with a class 3 anti-slip rating, the highest possible, making this a worry-free option for the poolside. It also doesn’t splinter and screw heads don’t pop, meaning you can be assured that you won’t find yourself suffering with any injuries as you walk over it. Our safety certifications continue with a class B fire rating, after thorough flammability testing has been carried out in several countries, with load bearing limits also subjected to examinations.

Visibly, our decking has the authentic, stylish look of real wood, and with a simple installation method it looks extremely tidy too. Hidden stainless steel fasteners are used to install the decking, while the design has space for any electrical cables you need to run across the decking, to be hidden away inside.

TherraWood Fencing

For the border of your garden spencing, TherraWood offers fencing that will over time prove itself to be a valuable addition to your land.

Avoiding the common problems of real wood fencing, which after several years can look battered and heavily deteriorated, TherraWood’s fences remain in pristine condition for a much longer life span. The unique TherraWood WPC blend is made from PVC, wood fibre and additives, which combine to produce a highly durable, low-maintenance fencing solution.

fence unit made from therrawoodTherraWood Custom Solutions

A real wood fence requires a lot of continuous maintenance. Colours can fade in the sun, requiring you to top it up regularly with UV protection, while varnishing is another regular chore and cost for real wood fence owners. TherraWood needs none of this – in fact, aside from a wash every now and then, you won’t need to touch your fence installation. In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your fence, a 20 year limited warranty is included with your installation, as it is with all TherraWood products.

Want to spruce up your garden with some stylish, cost-effective, high quality TherraWood products? TherraWood have been producing their range since the foundation of the company in Turkey in 2008, since growing to be involved in more than 230 large scale products, and distributing and producing products in 53 countries across the world.

TherraWood UK is the country’s sole distributor of TherraWood branded WPC products and Hybrid profiles. If you want to find out more information about our garden products, or other creations from our innovative range, you can speak to one of our team for a details and quotes. Call the office now on 0161 785 5991, or send us an email at You can also get in touch by filling in our enquiry form.